My name is Christie, and I have been living with this horrible chronic illness for years. My health has slowly deteriorated because I was ignored by the medical community a for long time. When they could no longer deny I was sick, I was told i had cfs and fibromyalgia among other things. I am now housebound much of the time and it takes all my energy just trying to take care of my children. Lyme disease has caused me to have dysautonomia, which includes, potts, mitral valve prolapse, and neurally mediated hypotention. It prevents me from leading a normal life. I want my children to remember me for something other than laying on the couch. There are doctors that specialize in this, tests they can do, and treatments that work for many people. Please help me to live a normal life, help me to be here and take care of my girl's. I just need a helping hand so I can get on the road to recovery. When I get well, I want to be an activist in the lyme community and do much more. Thank you for viewing this page and thank you for considering my cause.